Hey everyone!

How’s it going? I’m here to say that I’ve created another blog with my portfolio. I’d been wanting to do that for such a long time. So things headed that way and you can check it out here. Everyday I’m posting new photos. I have a quite large arquive so you can imagine how hard it is to organize everything. But I thought I would share this news with you all and we can enjoy it together. 

Much Light to you, always!




Photo on 2013-04-26 at 11.53 AM #2

I got really inspired by my new friend Jak (check his amazing blog here) who is crazy about film cameras! Well, I have my old and lovely Nikon FM (and a bunch of numbers after it!) which my grandpa gave to my dad, and my dad gave it to me. (I kinda took it from him, it wasn’t so poetic, but I guess it counts like passing to the next generation, right?). Anyways, I learned photography with it, and I just love, love, love this camera! So it was here, on my wall shelf, decorating my house, and waiting to be picked up and walked around Vancouver. Well, today is the day! I put a film on it, and I just can’t wait to leave home and shoot, shoot, shoot! I honestly don’t remember when was the last time I had a film in that camera! I don’t even know where to take it here. Any tips Jak??? Help a buddy out! I do have a black and white film here, but I’m saving to a special moment, maybe my daughter’s first birthday next month! Well, this post wasn’t so philosofic, but it was deep in love and satisfaction!


Eternal search


Looking for the curves of life, of myself, to soften hard edges that surround me. Looking for my inner light, the music that vibrates within this soul that sees the other, suffers by reflexion and learns by observing. Wishing I could also show them their own brightness.

Photography’s Day!


Today we celebrate photography, we celebrate expression, freedom, dreams. May this day be appreciated by everyone. Let’s put our cameras out and shoot, shoot, shoot, bringing out the essence of ourselves! Much love to you all!



Every step requires courage. Every step requires alignment with yourself. We might end up on the dark side, but eventually we’ll find the bright ones. Don’t be afraid, keep walking up, keep challenging life and learn from what seems to be “failure”. We always learn from both sides. Step 1: Just do it!

Bridges of Life

Crossing so many bridges in life makes you an expert on it. The more you face them, the better you seem to deal with yourself. Never fear change, for it’s the only excitement and reason for living. Changes bring you knowledge, make you greater and stronger. And most important, they bring you to yourself, Your Self. Keep walking, keep facing, keep changing, keep learning. May I have many other bridges to cross, not as a negative challenge, but as a positive change!


I’ve been blessed twice. I’ve been giving the gift of seeing the world as a magical place, with the ability to freeze it as I wish, and the opportunity to experience motherhood. A human being is not complete without it. So much learning comes through that, so many changes of perspectives and beliefs… I’ve been a parent for only 3 weeks, but the impact is so great that I haven’t been able to acknowledge yet. Worlds and frozen moments will come out of me as a strong river, pouring emotions. My world is changing, my heart is filled with Love and my mind full of wonderful thoughts.

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